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What are we Rooted in?
Root to Rise Holistics is a collection of mindfully crafted adornments with the intention of inspiring connection to the sacred art of self-decoration.

As an artist and yoga instructor I am deeply rooted in the belief that adornment is a ritual practice in intentional beauty, self-witnessing, embodiment, and healing – it is a living breathing invocation of our deepest inner vision.

To adorn, is to intuitively decorate the body as a house for the soul, to heal her wounds and nurture her gifts, and to create deeper meaning from the inside out. Self-decoration is a devotion to the sacred within us and a way of fully being and honoring the world outside of us.

At Root to Rise Holistics it is my wish that when you adorn yourself with my heartwork, it puts you in your soulskin– that it makes you feel radiant, divine, sensual, empowered, comfortable, and connected.

Rooted, we Rise!